Who is The Weavemaster?

After years of dealing with clients who were tired of bunching, tangling, and crawling of their hair and the disappointment that comes with it, I decided to shop around overseas for the best  hair extensions I can find to provide my clients. For those who don’t know, taking the time to braid, install, cut and style someone’s hair is frustrating when you know their extensions are going to betray them after weeks of wear.  As the mother of four girls, I care about my clients and how they feel wearing their extensions. Good products and fair business practices are very important to me. After three years of testing and shopping around, (and actually wearing products for months and  months on end) I found a small virgin hair  supplier in Uzbekistan that had hair extensions I was comfortable providing my clients that would last beyond a year with care. It is medium luster, dyes and lifts with ease, never bunches, never tangles, and flows, flat irons, curls and blends beautifully.The cuticles are aligned and it’s double drawn, without big unattractive beards. It is a quality product that is exactly what I need for my clients, and what I want for my customers.

There are a lot of faceless, pop-up hair extension companies flooding the market with hair from everywhere under the sun, so I felt it was important for me to introduce myself.  I’m going on my 15th year as Weavemaster Tam, and I am happier with my quality products and my sweet clients than I’ve ever been. Every photo you see on my site belongs to me and is an original representation of my work and product.

I’m Weavemaster Tam, this is Weavemaster’s Hair, and thank you for your patronage.