Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Daily Routine

Important: When changing your part, wet the closure and part as desired, leave to dry.

  • Shampoo at least once a week
  • Use a shampoo with no higher than PH7-dilute shampoo and apply in downward motion.
  • Do not massage hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply diluted conditioner and start to comb from the ends up towards roots in downward motion.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Leave to dry naturally.


  • Hair returns to it’s natural curl after straightening, no chemical processing.
  • Use a licensed colorist for lifting hair to minimize chemical damaging.
  • Virgin hair is like any other natural hair, care should be taken when using heat, chemicals or damaging alcohol based products.
  • Avoid oily products or alcohol based products.